AF-OS417MD Visual Fault Locator

Multimode/POF Light Source 660/850nm

Product Overview
The AF-OS417MD is a rugged, low cost LED light source optimized for testing larger core POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) as well as multimode applications. The AF-OS417MD has two LED outputs, an 850nm fixed ST active device mount for testing insertion loss in a multimode fiber and a 660nm LED in a modular housing which allows the user to test practically any larger core POF connector/fiber using the substitution method.

This easy to operate unit features a 3 position slide switch, 850nm - OFF - 660nm and a low battery indicator.
  • 660nm & 850nm LED
  • Low battery indicator
  • Modular 660nm LED for easy cable connectivity
  • Side adjustment pots for both LED's
  • Ruggedised case
  • New in 07 - Protective Rubber boot