Termination Toolbox / With Curing Oven

Product Overview

Application: Multimode

Overview: The AF-TBX51-MM fiber optic tool box combines the AF-OM120A optical power meter, AF-OS420 LED light source and all the termination tools required to prep, strip, terminate, crimp, polish inspect and test a fiber optic multimode network and cables. The AF-OM120 power meter offers Set Reference, quad wavelength and auto power off. The AF-OS420 is a 850nm /1330nm LED light source, both LED's are potted in fixed ST housings.

Kit Content: AF-OM120A, AF-OS420, AD-100 (2.5mm universal adapter), OVN-100 (Curing Oven), Product manual, Power adjustment tool, Batteries, Alco wipes, Meter Cal Cert, termination tools.

Termination Tools: Safety Glasses, Scribe, Armored Tubing Cutters, Kevlar Scissors, Needle Nose Pliers, Rotary Cable Stripper, Fiber Optic Stripper, Buffer Tube Stripper, Crimp Tool, Tweezers, Polishing Puck, Polishing Plate.



• AF-OM120:

• 850nm,1300nm,1310nm & 1550nm

• Abosolute (dBm) & Relative (dB) reading

• Zero Reference function

• Back Light

• Auto Power off function

• NIST traceable

• New in 07: Test Procedure Guide

• Protective Rubber boot

• AF-OS420:

• 850nm & 1300nm LED

• Low battery indicator

• Side adjustment pots for both LED's

• Compact and Rugged case

• New in 07 - Protective Rubber boot

• OVN-100:

• 6 port Curing Oven

• Termination Tools:

• 200 Power Fiber Optic Scope

• Fiber Continuity Tester

• Safety Glasses

• Scribe

• Armored Tubing Cutters

• Kevlar Scissors

• Needle Nose Pliers

• Rotary Cable Stripper

• Fiber Optic Stripper

• Buffer Tube Stripper

• Crimp Tool

• Tweezers

• Polishing Puck

• Polishing Plate