Includes optical power meter, laser light source, and more.

Product Overview

Application: Single mode (laser connector - ST)

Description: The AF-OLK61-SM test kit combines the AF-OM220 optical power meter and AF-OS430 Laser light source and is ideally suited for testing fiber optic networks with Single mode cables. The AF-OM220 power meter offers Set Reference, Data Storage, and Time and Date stamp. The AF-OS430 is a 1310nm /1550nm Laser light source. The laser source has a single output with a fixed ST connector.

Kit Content: AF-OM220, AF-OS430, AD-100 (2.5mm universal adapter), Product manual, Power adjustment tool, Batteries, Alco wipes, Meter Cal Cert, Windows based PC software, USB to serial cable, serial to meter cable and USB driver software.




       850nm,1300nm,1310nm & 1550nm

       Abosolute (dBm) & Relative (dB) reading

       Zero Reference function

       Back Light

       Auto Power off function

       Stores 500+ results (time and date stamped)

       Windows® compatible software

       NIST traceable

       New in 07: Test Procedure Guide

       Protective Rubber boot


       1310nm & 1550nm Lasers

       Low battery indicator

       Side adjustment pots for both Lasers

       CW and 2Khz option

       Compact and Rugged case

       New in 07 - Protective Rubber boot